Cancelling Evil And Bad Dreams

“A good morning comes from a good night”
Are your nights contaminated with satanic nightmares and evil dreams?
Are you experiencing constant sleepless night? 

Cancelling bad dreams

Your dream should be a medium of receiving divine information from God like Joseph, Solomon and Daniel, not a workshop for evil activities. SANITIZE your dream life with these DANGEROUS prayers.

>>>  PRAY THESE NOW  <<<

Magnify God! Praise and Worship Him! For the privilege to see another day, Worship Him

Pray Loud and Clear now !! …..

1.Thank You Heavenly Father, for the sweet and sound sleep You gave me last night. May Your Holy Name be forever glorified in my life, Amen!

2. This day I cancel and flush out the effects of any bad dream in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

3. I bind by fire, every power behind evil and bad dreams in my life this day in Jesus’ name.

4. You personality that is manipulating evil and bad dreams into my life, in the Name of Jesus Christ, perish by thunder, Amen!

5. In the name of Jesus Christ, I deprogramme all evil programmed into my dream life by day, Amen!

6. O you dreams meant to attack and disorganize my destiny; in the name of Jesus Christ backfire by fire, Amen!

7. Arrows of troubles shot through bad dreams into my life, in the Name of Jesus Christ, be uprooted and scatter by fire, Amen!

8. As I burst into Heavenly tongues now, I neutralize and reverse every irreversible by fire, in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

9. By Holy Ghost fire, I take total control of my dream life henceforth in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!