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13 thoughts on “Request Prayers

  1. I am under attack, I believe a woman who use to come at my house for prayers she was of satannic cult.even if she was performing miracles. Because 3 times I dream her having sex on me my sleep. I dreamed again that she was half snake half human. She started to pray and annoiting me oil, I started to few strange things in my body. I have done everything one can do meditate on the bible, pray and fa sting. Every door she visted the marriage broke.we have survived on marriage until two months ago my wife left me.acussing me of practice witchcraft after being together over 27 yrs. From the day she left I surrendered to the Lord.I been praying every time and reading plsam. Every time I think of her coming back something start to move in my stomach and my forehead. I love my wife so much, he has made up her mind not to come back home. For I no thin is going to change her mind because she has broadcast all over the town that she is not coming back. I need prayers to stay strong.


    1. The result is that the devil has managed to plant Snakes in your life. That is what moves in your body.
      1. Take a fast Esther for 3 days and spend all the time
      In deep repentance (Psalm 51)


  2. Pray for me for God's purposes to be fulfill in me.
    Deliverance from idol/witchcraft foundation.
    God's prasence to lead me.
    Gods favour.
    Financial breakthrough.


  3. I am battling with marital delay. Today my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me because he can't wait no more until we are married before sex. But i cannot go against my faith and sleep with him before marriage because my body is the temple of God. Now i am confused, what does God want from me? What does he want me to do before he blesses me with marriage. I am in my early 30's and people keep telling me I'm wasting my body and soon my biological clock will stop working.

    somebody please pray for me. I need encouragement to stay a virgin until i marry.


  4. I thank God to be part of this prayer chain.
    I was a born again and backslider. Currently I am in cord ship yet I am being tormented by evil spirit. Hence I am trusting for God intervention in my entire life for breakthrough and to be set free captives.
    Please stand with me in my daily prayer life for total restoration and divine healing.


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